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To ethically and morally strive for the betterment of my community in the healing of patients through medicine. My meticulous medical practices guide patients from diagnosis through to rehabilitation, to recovery and sustained quality of life. 

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A Look Inside the Office


Dr. Dominque Vonador is a Board Certified Acupuncture Physician. She received her undergraduate degree in biology from Florida State University in 2005. While there, she ran track and field. Later, while working at a hospital, she became distraught over the level of care patients received, which was very medication-focused. From then on, she knew there had to be another therapy option that was less painful, easy for the patient, and efficient. That led her to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Vonador went on to earn her master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from East West College of Natural Medicine in 2014. She is now an adjunct professor there.

Dr. Vonador and her husband, Jerard, have three children: Jerard, 9; Vanessa, 4; and Layla, 6 months. She enjoys bike riding with the family and jogging alongside the kiddos when they are riding their bikes. She loves vacationing with her family, be it on a cruise around the world or a quick trip to Orlando or Clearwater. Her family is her main driving force, with God as the head. Without them, she would not be the woman she is today.

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