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"I was having severe back and knee pain. Being that I'm a police officer and can't take any time off from work, I thought about acupuncture as a solution. After searching online, I found a fantastic Acupuncture Physician named Dr. Dominique Vonador. Being that I hate needles, she assured me that the procedures would be painless and they were. Since having the treatments, my back and knee pain have gone away. Dr. Vonador is an excellent doctor and she changed my mind about what acupuncture can do! Thank you Dr. Vonador."

     - JE

​ "Dr. Vonador treated me for back (lower & upper), neck and hip pain that I have been experiencing for years. Prescription drugs and physical therapy gave me only temporary relief, but the pain would soon return. Dr. Vonador explained to me the concept behind Acupuncture and after treatment, it made a Huge Difference. The needling was great (I felt No pain upon insertion) and it minimized the pain that I was incumbering significantly! She talked with me during the process, explaining in detail what she was doing & why she was inserting needles in specific areas to treat my body. Dr. Vonador also used a technique called cupping, in my shoulder and lower back which extracted the pain from these various areas. I felt great relief with both needling and cupping and after each appointment, I felt 100% Better!!! I truly recommend Dr. Vonador and her Acupuncture Techniques to Everyone. She's Awesome and has made my life so much better, less pain and in some areas pain is gone altogether along with the aggravation! All this without prescription drugs!!!"


​"I don't know where to start! Dr. Vonador is the BEST in Florida. She is so thorough, sweet, and the most caring acupuncturist I've had the pleasure of seeing. I had the pleasure of experiencing just a few treatments and always come out feeling so much better! So if your trying to find the BEST Doctor in this field, you have found her!! You will experience nothing but the best!"


" Dr. Dominique is one of the most savvy, compassionate and soothing healers I know. I'm so proud of her. You're so awesome!!"



"I must admit that I really didn't know much about acupuncture before meeting Dr. Vonador but after hearing her speak about the various conditions she can treat, I figured "why not try?" That was truly one of the best desicions I've ever made! She is extremely compassionate and caring. She takes the time to really listen to her patients and remembers even the little things. I was initially seeing her twice a week, but after feeling so good, I now see her once a week and boy do I look forward to it! She has made a significant change for the better in my life and for that, I am so grateful." 


"It was my first time having acupuncture and Dr. Vonador was good to explain everything and I was pleased that by the time the appointment was over I already noticed major improvement. I had this problem for over a month and nothing worked for me. I am hopeful after a few more appointments I should be able to get off some of my medications. Thanks you Dr. Vonador, what a wonderful experience!"



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